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The Office King Brand

The way we manufacture Office King Brand Printer Cartridges may have changed considerably over the years but our commitment to produce high-quality cartridges has not. We invest heavily in Research and Development and use only the best components to maintain our position as one of the largest independent manufacturers and suppliers of printer cartridges in the UK and Ireland.

Our product range has grown significantly over the years from just two types of Laser Cartridges and one Photocopier cartridge to over 5,000 types.  We continue to develop new products whilst maintaining the high quality that are customers are used to.  The only difference between an Office King cartridge and an original manufacture cartridge is PRICE not QUALITY.

In this section you can learn much more about our process, how we build our cartridges, what ISO Standards we adhere to and what benefits you can start taking advantage of by switching to the Office King Brand today!

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