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The Law regarding hazardous waste

Printer cartridges once empty are classed as “hazardous waste”. In the UK it is illegal to mix hazardous and non-hazardous waste. This means putting a cartridge (hazardous waste) in the office bin with paper (non-hazardous waste) etc is illegal, and there is a penalty of an unlimited fine.

The government web page is

The Office King Recycling Programme provides your organisation with a simple solution to be environmentally friendly, comply with the law and remove the problem of disposing of Used Printer Cartridges.

Once you have a Used Printer Cartridge, your disposal choices are limited.

  1. Throwing cartridges in the bin is illegal, so isn’t an option to follow.
  2. You can ask your local council if their local waste centre (the tip) will take the Used Printer Cartridges, and then drive them there. You may need a waste licence from the Environment Agency in order to transport the hazardous waste.
  3. Complete our collection form and we will collect the used cartridges. We will re-use the outer cases on some cartridges, and send the rest for recycling. You are doing your bit for the environment and complying with the law.

Compliance with Legislation

We have a Waste Transfer Licence from the Environment Agency authorising us to collect and transport your Used Printer Cartridges.

The Benefits for Business, Schools and Other Organisations

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