Engage children in ways both new and familiar with the best selling educational touchscreens
Experience the transformative effect of a touchscreen in the classroom.
Clevertouch brings educational technology to students without letting technology get in the way.

Clevertouch V-Series | Clevertouch Plus


Clevertouch, refined for Higher Education. Helping you communicate, however complex the message.
Experience the transformative effect of an ultra-connected, ultra-large screen.
Clevertouch brings educational technology to students without letting technology get in the way.

Clevertouch V-Series | Clevertouch Plus | Clevertouch Pro


Clevertouch, designed for business. Our advanced interactive touchscreens bring the modern workspace to life.
Powerfully present your ideas and effortlessly collaborate with colleagues.
Focus your team with Clevertouch and make meetings more meaningful.

Clevertouch V-Series | Clevertouch Pro
Collaboration without compromise
Our most powerful interactive touchscreen ever, with a full suite of enterprise software.




Software included with the Clevertouch V-Series



The Clevertouch V-Series is the perfect solution for a budget conscious touchscreen. It has all the essential features of a Clevertouch, but without the Cleverstore or integrated apps of the Plus or Pro range. Much of the software and all of the accessories of the Pro and Plus range are available as optional extras for the V-Series.

Although it’s available in a more compact range of sizes than its big brothers, the Clevertouch V-Series should not be taken lightly. The V-Series is ideal for use in professional settings such as offices, reception areas, meeting and training rooms, yet robust enough for use in schools, colleges and universities. When paired with an optional slot-in PC there is no end to the features and flexibility available through the V-Series. The V-Series is also backed by our unbeatable 5 year de-install/re-install warranty making it the ideal choice if you’re after excellent value over the full range of software and apps, but still want the reassurance that all of the products in the Clevertouch range provide.

The perfect solution for a smaller budget
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Chromebook
  • Full HD 1080p resolution with 720p Android resolution.
  • Pre-installed Clevernote app for making notes and brainstorming
  • Annotation tools let you annotate over any app or document
  • Internet browser allows you to browse the web without the need to connect to a PC
  • 10-point touch in PC mode with Windows 7/8 PC, 6-point touch in Android mode, 1-point touch with Mac OS.

Free Software included with Clevertouch Plus



Designed for education, Clevertouch Plus interactive touchscreens have found their home in the classroom. Clevertouch has none of the disadvantages of projectors: no obscuring shadows and no issues with bright light. Our entire range showcases beautiful screens and simple controls, allowing teachers to focus on what really matters: communicating ideas to their students.

Built specifically for the demanding school, college and university environment, the Clevertouch Plus is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, and a 5 year de-install/re-install warranty guarantees your Clevertouch Plus will be enhancing your classroom for many years.

If you’re new to touchscreens for teaching you’ll be amazed as pupils of any age experience no learning curve interacting with the Clevertouch, and any child familiar with apps on smartphones and tablets can immediately engage with our integrated Cleverstore – the only advert-free and cost-free educational app store.

Teacher-friendly features such as full internet access, child-proof screen lock, intuitive file management and common-sense connectivity leave Clevertouch at both the front of the classroom, and at the fore-front of learning.

What you can’t see inside a Clevertouch Plus touchscreen is the innovative, rich technology that sets it apart. Technology powered by Android that creates a truly unique and immersive user experience.

Ideal for larger classrooms and assembly halls, the 75" and 84" Clevertouch Plus gives unparalleled screen visibility regardless of viewing distance.

Experience more colour, better contrast and higher resolution with an Ultra HD 4K Clevertouch Plus. This cutting edge technology shows a tremendous difference in picture quality, allowing you to enjoy the latest 4K video content.

Free Software included with Clevertouch Pro




The Clevertouch Pro is a highly versatile interactive touchscreen that can be used in a wide variety of professional settings including reception areas, hospitals, universities, meeting rooms and collaborative areas.

Despite being much more than a powerful interactive touchscreen, the Clevertouch Pro is remarkably easy to use, thanks to its amazing Lux user interface. Furthermore, it requires no set-up or calibration, has full access to the internet and can display a variety of files without the need to connect additional hardware.

Whilst collaboration and screen sharing are at the heart of the Clevertouch Pro, a variety of integrated business apps provide unequalled flexibility. With a wide selection of common-sense connectivity the Clevertouch Pro can find an invaluable role in many businesses, and provide a wonderful interactive experience for employees and customers.

The Pro also comes with a number of accessories to enhance the overall experience. For example, with the CleverShare wireless device you can control the Clevertouch Pro from anywhere in the room – simply plug the CleverShare into your laptop’s USB port and you can show and edit your laptop’s content on the Clevertouch screen.

The Clevertouch Pro is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, and a 5 year de-install/re-install warranty guarantees your Clevertouch will be enhancing your workspace for many years.

Re-invent your boardroom, office, or meeting room with Clevertouch Pro

It’s as simple to use as a tablet – just turn on and go. All your apps and files are just one click away. Open a document from the internal memory, from a USB stick, or wirelessly upload to the Clevertouch Pro.

Among the many things that sets Clevertouch apart from the rest is its award winning software. Over the years we’ve paid attention to what our users want from an interactive touchscreen, incorporating their feedback into the design and development of cutting edge software solutions available with every Clevertouch (dependent on model).



DisplayNote collaboration software allows teachers and presenters to share lessons and presentations from their Clevertouch, directly with their class. Presenters can choose to teach from their front-of-class interactive touchscreen or walk around the room using the free app that controls content. Participants can connect using the application on their iOS, Android or computer and can instantly save slides, make notes or be invited to contribute and collaborate in a live session.

  • Start a DisplayNote session from your computer, Clevertouch or device and share any content, background or app from an iOS screen via the DisplayNote Mirror feature
  • Whatever you see is shared directly with participants who can capture slides and add their own notes to take away with them
  • View and share the screens of connected participants or invite them to collaborate on your content
  • Allow everyone to save your content and notes for review later.

  • Connects over WiFi or Cloud
  • No need to reformat existing content
  • View and share participant devices from your display or device
  • Send messages directly to your group
  • Monitor participant activity with Participant Manager tool
  • Supports iOS AirPlay


Most children have very short attention spans. This k-12/EYFS – HE touchscreen software addresses that problem, by making education more fun, engaging and memorable, resulting in exciting interactive classrooms experiences that increase the performance of pupils and teachers.

In addition to the 25+ off the shelf apps with pre-set content, busy teachers can easily and quickly create curriculum specific touchscreen lessons with custom content, using the Lesson app.

All game and activity applications are designed to improve both communication and social skills. As kids share ideas and collaborate together, the software helps build their confidence and develops their knowledge of different subjects, such as spelling, grammar, maths, geography, biology and others.

  • Improve educational outcomes (for pupils, teachers and the school)
  • Teachers can engage better with pupils
  • Ease of use (fast and easy content adding)
  • Suitable for multiple subjects
  • Suitable for varying age groups covering the entire primary education spectrum
  • Teach content in different ways
  • Effective pedagogy

  • Zones (true multi-user collaboration)
  • Auto saving Lessons
  • Animated themes
  • Create custom lessons with dynamic content (images, videos, sounds, text)
  • Snowflake Remote support (iOS and Android)
  • Support to change text into any language
  • Configurator  
  • Email, Skype and Forum support
  • Supports Windows 10

Note: With selected Clevertouch screens you receive a license to activate either Snowflake MultiTeach or Snowflake Business. To activate both you will need to purchase an additional license.



Upgrade to Lynx 5 for FREE for a faster, smoother, simpler experience.

Cleverlynx has been given a complete visual and practical overhaul, resulting in Lynx 5 – an easy to use software with a sleek user interface.

Lynx 5 annotation and lesson planning software enables students to interact with content and collaborate in the classroom. Using Lynx 5, teachers can create imaginative lessons with content from a variety of sources. The newly designed user interface makes Lynx 5 easy to use, and the upgraded back-end changes gives a faster, smoother, simpler experience.

How do I upgrade?

  1. Open Cleverlynx
  2. Click Help
  3. Click Start to begin the update process
  4. Restart Lynx for the changes to take effect

What sets Lynx 5 apart from the rest?

  • The media manager allows you to embed videos directly into your lessons, without the need to go to an external browser link. Now you can play video files, YouTube videos, or live webcam, and you can annotate over the videos and incorporate them into your lessons.
  • Access all your tools from the condensed tools menu, meaning that you spend less time clicking in different menus – everything is in one, easy to access place using the simple touch interface. Even in Remote mode, the tools are condensed and clearer than ever before.
  • The lesson dashboard makes it easy to find recent lessons, and you can also open multiple lessons simultaneously, so you can easily and quickly switch between lessons.
  • Access Lynx 5 updates instantly, with the Lynx 5 twitter feed showing on the Lynx 5 home screen, meaning you never miss out on news, software updates and fixes.
  • Lynx 5 supports Ultra HD 4K resolution content, so you can view crystal clear images and videos if using a 4K resolution Clevertouch screen.
  • With the new Lynx 5 file format you can easily access Lynx 5 files. If you have previously been using Smart Notebook then you can open those files without having to convert them into common file format, and instantly update them into Lynx 5 files. Lynx 5 also supports Common File Format (CFF).
  • Let your students use Lynx 5 without having to worry about inappropriate language, as a profanity filter is now built in to the software.
  • Simple actions are now quicker, such as printing or importing PowerPoint files, allowing you more time to concentrate on teaching.
  • The sentence builder helps children to form sentences, by splitting them into individual words that can be covered or shown.
  • Pin any important content that you aren’t using on your current slide to the clever content area. It will be kept there for easy access when you need it.
  • The clock features include digital and analogue, as well as a countdown timer and a stopwatch.
  • With dual screen two students can use the screen at the same time, to work on different content, or to have a competition between two groups.
  • Use split screen to pin important content to the screen whilst you scroll through slides on the other half of the screen.
  • Insert and edit tables, with cells featuring text or images, which automatically are resized to fit.
  • With the infinite desktop you can now extend the canvas as much as you want to, so you never run out of space.
  • Left and Right handed calligraphy pens aid children’s learning of correct handwriting.
  • In rainbow pen mode, each stroke of the brush is a different colour. This is great if multiple people are using the Clevertouch at the same time. Try putting ten fingers on the screen and making lines, each will be a different colour.
  • The resources pack includes an image bank and a wide variety of high definition maps.
  • Import documents from your PC.
  • Any type of document can be annotated over with the annotation toolkit, which includes pen, paintbrush, highlighting and area fill tools
  • Screen capture allows you to save these annotations to be used again, printed or emailed.


Clevermaths has all the features you would expect from great annotation software, but it also includes some fantastic classroom tools. Make maths lessons come to life with the interactive maths tools. Record scientific experiments and save your results into folders to easily compare the outcomes of follow up experiments. Pour liquids between beakers, measure lines and shapes, and create graphs. As well as text recognition, there is also a revolutionary formula recognition feature, automatically turning handwritten formula into text.

Every Clevertouch for education includes a five user perpetual Clevermaths licence. When you open the software use the side menu to choose between five subject pages that are perfect for use in the classroom:- English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, and Whiteboard mode. Also included is the remote tool, allowing you to annotate over your desktop, or any other programme you have open.

Whiteboard Mode

In whiteboard mode you can choose from a variety of backgrounds in the toolbox – background themes. Choose from a range of solid colours, or select the pipette for a colour palate. There are dozens of brightly coloured wallpapers to use.

Or select from the teaching options with musical score, lined paper, or even sports planning for PE.

Maths Tools

  • Two maths backgrounds:- square or tiled paper
  • 3d Shapes
  • Set Square 30 degree
  • Protractor
  • Function Graph
  • Formula Recognition
  • 2D Shapes
  • Set Square 45 degree
  • Ruler
  • Compasses
  • Coordinate System
  • Calculator

Physics Tools

  • Physical Force
  • Slide Rheostat
  • Power
  • Bulb
  • Ammeter
  • Power Switch
  • Voltmeter

Chemistry Tools

  • Periodic Table
  • Beaker
  • Distillation Flask.
  • Alcohol Burner
  • Rubber Tube
  • Drying Tube.
  • Kipp Generator
  • Funnel
  • Atomic Structure Diagram
  • Conical Flask
  • Test Tube Rack
  • Wood Blocks
  • Glass Tube
  • Sink
  • Separating Funnel
  • Acid Burette
  • Test Tube
  • Flask.
  • Beaker Rack
  • Connecting Conduct
  • Vacuum Connecting Tube
  • Gas Collecting Bottle
  • Spherical Funnel.



LynxPro Meeting in an easy to use annotation software specifically designed for conferencing, with features including a user-friendly interface, powerful meeting function, real writing effect, and customisable settings.



  • Clear and concise menu with toolbar buttons, which can be set to the user’s needs
  • Convenient and practical functionality
  • Comes with timers and screen recording
  • Make comments at any time
  • Handwriting and paint brushes accurately simulate handwriting
  • Import office documents, pdfs, images and video/audio into your presentations
  • Templates for planning, analysis and risk assessment
  • Tools including calendar and timer

Among the many things that sets Clevertouch apart from the rest is its award winning software. Over the years we’ve paid attention to what our users want from an interactive touchscreen, incorporating their feedback into the design and development of cutting edge software solutions available with every Clevertouch (dependent on model).

Cleverstore apps are suitable for both primary and secondary age groups and engaging pupils across a wide range of subjects and activities. The Cleverstore offers over a 100 educational apps that engage and excite children in ways that are so natural to them there is no barrier between the technology and their learning.

Teachers love that our apps are vetted for children, and all adverts and in-app purchases are removed. Oh, and did we forget to mention that all of the apps are free?




Montage is a wireless presentation system which allows anyone to be the presenter. Up to 12 meeting attendees can share their device screen with the main display and each other in real time either locally or over the Cloud. Engineered for touch, the all-in-one solution allows presenters at the front of the room to re-order screens, take mouse control of connecting PC’s, annotate and share files. Attendees can connect easily via a browser, AirPlay, Miracast or the desktop application and remote users can use native voice and video.


Meeting attendees can join with a session on any device via a Windows app, Web Browser, Chromebook, Android or AirPlay.

Montage is about sharing information, data and content in real-time from multiple devices, people and places. It’s about creating those ideas that drive innovation and can change the world.

It’s about connecting teams and the information that flows between them. It’s about seeing the whole picture for better, faster more reliable decision making and improving the way organisations work.

  • Participants: 12 on screen
  • Connecting: In-room and remotely
  • Communication: Native Video and Voice
  • Joining: Web, Desktop, Airplay, Miracast
  • Control: Remote Desktop Control
  • Content: Share screen, Share Files and Annotation
  • Security: Full Encryption
  • Networking: Access Point & Configure for network

Wireless presentation and two-way collaboration that works inside and outside of the meeting room.



With the CleverShare wireless device you can control the Clevertouch Pro from anywhere in the room, without the need for any wires. Simply plug the CleverShare into your laptop’s USB port and you can show and edit your laptop’s content on the Clevertouch screen.


You can instantly display your desktop and control from your computer or Clevertouch – your pen or finger becomes your mouse.

Connect up to 8 CleverShare devices to your Clevertouch Pro. Two CleverShare devices are included with the Clevertouch Pro.


  • Mirror your PC’s desktop to your interactive intelligent panel display by connecting the transmitter to your PC and running the Screen Mirroring Software.
  • Support synchronisation of audio and video. 
  • Multiple transmitters are in a ready state (supports a maximum of 8 transmitters); quickly switch by pressing the button on the transmitter. 
  • Extended screen: The interactive intelligent panel display will be an extened screen of your PC for contents presentation. 
  • Enable touchscreen: The Enable Touchscreen allows you to control your PC by touching the screen, to implement bidirectional interaction.



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